Going above and beyond client expectations

At Versa we’re building a unique community of top performing professionals who can take client ideas and make them a reality. Our foundation is built on intelligence, agility, and reliability. Here, you can use your strengths while gaining new skills, learn how to adapt quickly to different work environments, and contribute to a team that delivers real results.

Whether it’s the guidance of an experienced project manager or the in-the-trenches support of a Business Analyst, our clients’ expect energy, practical experience, and a mix of business and technical skills. They demand key players with creativity, drive and intellectual curiosity to turn vision into a finished product. For technology intensive projects, they need a deep skill set to support cutting edge engagements.

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What makes Versa associates unique?

Persuasive writer, speaker, and presenter across multiple settings and varied audiences.

First rate communicator

Investigates and takes action to meet client needs and exceed their expectations.

Client & Service Driven

Effectively navigates ambiguous project environments. Organizes efforts and deliverables with a focus on order, quality, and accuracy.

Delivers Results

People person, who develops high-trust working relationships with both clients and co-workers.

Builds Collaborative Relationships

Passionate and personable; demonstrates a strong sense of self, authentic and confident; humble & always learning from experience.

Culture fit

Breaks a situation down, traces implications, uses problem solving, considers alternatives and effectively manages risk.

Analytical & Critical Thinker